• Integration Strategy & Architecture

    Having a robust architectural foundation to support the exchange of information between the enterprise and internal and external parties is a key priority for all organization. The move towards cloud based services as well as the rapid rise of mobility has placed an even higher emphasis on organizations to have secure, scalable and reliable integration, data and application architectures to support the growing needs of their business.

    Integrove can assess your existing integration and technology architecture, thereafter formulating a future strategy and implementation roadmap to support the needs of your organization.

  • Technology Selection & Implementation

    Making sense of the various commercial and open-source technology and integration toolsets can be daunting and confusing, even for the most technical of audiences. The market has grown extensively, with vendors providing a wide set of products that have similar and overlapping functionality.

    Integrove can you help you assess, select and roll-out the right toolsets for your organization. This includes Integration, BPM, Mobile, Cloud, Data Analytics and Big Data technologies.

  • People, Process & Governance

    Organizations that focus on only the “technology” aspect of their enterprise digital strategy rarely reap the benefits sought from a holistic IT enablement approach. From the start of any digital journey, organizations need to focus on people, process and governance.

    Integrove can assist you with designing and rolling-out various forms of Competency Centers which provides an organizational and governance structure to industrialize technology delivery within the enterprise.

  • Looking Ahead

    Integration at the Core

    During the past few years, IT has seen several major paradigm shifts in technology. These shifts have been primarily in the areas of cloud, mobility, big data and the Internet of Things.

    Moving forward, the convergence of these areas will create a new “platform” for enterprises to develop new business and mission capabilities. These capabilities will enable a more integrated view of IT architecture.

    Enterprise Integration will play an even more important role in supporting this paradigm shift in technology.

    Featured Technology Platforms

    1. Gartner’s Strategic Technology Trends for 2017



      • AI & Advanced Machine Learning
      • Intelligent Apps
      • Intelligent Things




      • Virtual & Augmented Reality
      • Digital Twin
      • Blockchain




      • Conversational Systems
      • Mesh App and Service Architecture
      • Digital Technology Platforms
      • Adaptive Security Architecture